Papers and talks

19.06.2018 - Oldenburg,  Onno van Nijf will give a seminar  on ancient festival networks & the preoject at the Seminar für Alte Geschichte, Oldenburg University (16-18)

08.12.2017 - Gent, Presentation of the database project Connected Contests at the international workshop Digital Tools for Ancient Historians, organised by the Roman Society Research Center:

15.11.2017 - Tours: 'Les concours grecs dans les périodes hellénistiques et romaines: le développement d’un réseau agonistique' Seminaire,  Université de Tours - François Rabelais

25.08.2017 - Bournemouth: 'Whose network? Complex festival networks in the Graeco-Roman World', paper on project presented at The Connected Past 2017: The Future of Past Networks?, Executive Business Center/University of Bournemouth

27.05.2017 - St. Andrews: 'The Cyclades and the agonistic cycle' paper presented at conference Landscapes of Movement, University of St. Andrews

12.05.2017 - Leiden: 'Connected Contests' paper on project presented at the Leiden Center for Data Science meeting, University of Leiden

9.05.2017 - Rome: 'Experiencing Roman power at Greek contests: Romaia in the Greek festival network' paper presented at the conference 'Regarding Roman power'  Ecole fançaise de Rome

18-19.03.2017 - Oxford: 'Panhellenic politics. Festivals as multiscalar network tools in the Hellenistic world',paper presented at conference Religious Interactions in the Hellenistic World, Lincoln College, Oxford University

25.05.2015 - Mannheim: 'Connecting the Greek world. Panhellenic festivals and the development of athletic networks in the Hellenistic Greek East', paper presented at the Tagung: Sport in der Epoche des Hellenismus, Universität Mannheim


Several concepts underlying this project are developed during university talks and courses including:

2013-current - University of Groningen: BA 3rd year course, Blue Networks. Social networks in the pre-modern Mediterranean World

2016-2017 - University of Groningen: MA course, Athletes and Oracles. Sport and Festivals in Ancient Greece

2016-2017 - University of Groningen: BA course, Sport in history, culture and the media

Recent Posts

  • We are hiring: 3 PhD positions per Jan 2019

  • 4 year NWO funding for Connecting the Greeks

    We have just received funding for our project Connecting the Greeks: multi-scalar festivals in the Hellenistic world ...

  • Fellowships for Onno van Nijf

    Onno van Nijf is the recipient of a Visiting Fellowship of the British Academy that he will hold at Royal Holloway University of London from September 2018 to February 2019, together with a visiting fellowship at the Institute of Classical Studies. During the Fellowship Onno will work on a study of agonistic festivals, and continue work on the database.

  • Moretti's Imperial Olympionikai and Brunet's Ephesian athletes online

    For the past two months, we have been entering data from two prosopographies, viz. the athletes from the Imperial period listed in Moretti's 'Olympionikai' (1957) and Brunet's collection of Ephesian athletes, from his 1998 dissertation, 'Greek Athletes in the Roman World: The Evidence from Ephesos'. Save some problematic cases, we are happy to announce that we will finish working on these lists this week. Users can now search through the data of over 500 athletes and musicians who won more than 3000 victories. And for those of you who wondered: no, these over 3000 victories are not largely made up of Emperor Nero's 1808 victories (as claimed by Cassius Dio). Only the victories by Nero that are linked to actual festivals in ancient sources have been added to the database as separate victories. The almost eighty recorded victories by Valerius Eklektos have of course been added separately.

  • Data on synod members to be added thanks to Bram Fauconnier

    We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Bram Fauconnier has allowed us to include in our database the list of members of athletic and artistic synods of the Roman imperial period that he collected for his recent Amsterdam PhD. We shall add the data ASAP.






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