Event: Marcus Aurelius Koros from Thyateira (Lydia)

Record ID 1862
Person Marcus Aurelius Koros son of ___ from Thyateira in Lydia
Contest Koinon Asias in Kyzikos (Mysia)
Discipline combat sports: pankration
Age Category paides
Date 164 - 166
Achievement V
Comment: The list of victories is chronological, and the lines about Koinon Asias read: κοινὸν / Ἀσίας ἐν Κυ<ζ>ίκῳ παίδων παν/5 κράτιον πενταετηρίδι ζʹ As the festival is held once every four years, and the athlete could not have competed and won seven times as a boy, it must be that he competed for and won the 7th time it was organised.