Event: Dorieus son of Diagoras from Rhodes (Rhodes)

Record ID 2724
Person Dorieus son of Diagoras from Rhodes in Rhodes
Contest Lykaia in (Arkadia)
Discipline combat sports: pankration?
Age Category
Date -438 - -422
Achievement V
Comment: Originally from Rhodes, but Paus. 6.7.4 attests Dorieus was also proclaimed 'as from Thurii' since he fled there from Rhodes from political enemies. Also mentioned in Syll.3 82 = IAG 23. I generally follow Farrington (2012), no. 1.56 and p. 118 notes 273-4. Dorieus' victories can be reasonably safely dated: he won 3 Olympic, 4 Pythian, 8 Isthmian, 7 Nemean victories, and following IAG 23 also 4 times in the Panathenaea, 4 times in the Asclepiaea, 3 times in the Hecatomboia and 3 times in the Lycaea. Dorieus was a pankratiatist. - PK