Event: Sosibios son of Dioskourides from Alexandria (Egypt)

Record ID 2796
Person Sosibios son of Dioskourides from Alexandria in Egypt
Contest Ptolemaia? in Alexandria (Egypt)
Discipline running: diaulos
Age Category paides
Date -279 - -260
Achievement V
Comment: These games were supposedly founded in 279 B.C. Described in Callimachus' 384 fragment, Sosibios won many victories, among which one (or more) at the Isthmian games; for the date range, cf. Farrington (2012), p. 128-9 note 330; Farrington there also mentions the suggestion by the scholiast that Sosibios won a victory/victories at the Nemea after his victory/victories at the Isthmia based on his reading of lines 21-5 of the fragment. - PK