Event: Hieronymos from Andros (Cyclades)

Event ID 5178
Person Hieronymos son of ___ from Andros in Cyclades
Festival Olympia in Elis (Elis)
Discipline ___: pentathlon
Age Category
Date -500 - -480
Achievement V
Comment: Tisamenos, a member of the Iamidae- family at Elis, had an oracle telling him to win five most famous contests. He therefore trained for the pentathlon at Olympia, but he lost against Hieronymos of Andros. He, then, understood that the oracle had meant five contests in war. As Tisamenos joined the Spartans at the battle of Plataia in 479 BC, Moretti 1957, no. 173 reasons that Hieronymos' victory must have taken place before 480 BC. He, then, suggests the 72nd Olympiad (=492 BC).