Event: ([runner]) son of ...krates from Miletos (Ionia)

Record ID 799
Person [runner] son of ...krates from Miletos in Ionia
Contest Olympia in Olympia (Elis)
Discipline running: hoplites or hoplitodromos
Age Category
Date -20 - -20
Achievement V
Comment: Contest place is not in the inscription but is certain. The date is certain because the inscriptions read that the victory was in the 190th Olympiad, which can be securely dated. NB: the victory is supplemented in the inscription ([νι]κ̣[ήσ]α̣ντα̣ v Ὀ̣λ̣[ύμπια δίαυλον, ὁπλίτην], l. 1). Apparently, there was room on the stone for another discipline. Based on the other disciplines mentioned in the inscription, stadion and hoplites are the only suitable options. I can also imagine that it was 'andras diaulon': the diaulos is attested in I. v. Olympia 219 (see other Events), and the category 'andres' is recorded for the nex