Person: Drakontomenes daughter of Hierokles from Halikarnassos (Caria)

Record ID: 31
Name: Drakontomenes
Father's Name: Hierokles
Place of Origin: Halikarnassos (Caria)
Date Range: -200 to -168
List of Festivals:
Isthmia in Corinth (Corinthia)
List of Events:
Isthmia inCorinth (Corinthia) on ( -198 to -196 )
List of Disciplines:
___: hippion - andres
List of Agonistic Titles:
List of References:
Syll.(3), 1064 = SEG 34.1066 = IAG 56
List of Prosopographies:
LGPN V5b-5430
Farrington (2012), no. 1.99
Comment: The dating is based upon Klee as referred to by Farrington (2012), note 353; if it is assumed correctly that the victory list is in chronological order, then Farrington may rightly suggest a dating of 198-6 BC as the date of Drakontomenes' Isthmian victory. The source mentions additional victories.