Person: Quintus Sulpicius Maximus son of Quintus from Rome (Italy)

Record ID: 3952
Name: Quintus Sulpicius Maximus
Father's Name: Quintus
Place of Origin: Rome (Italy)
Date Range: 94 to 100
List of Festivals:
Capitolia in Rome (Italy)
List of Events:
Capitolia in Rome (Italy) on ( 94 to 94 )
List of Disciplines:
poetry: poesia graeca
List of References:
IG XIV 2012 = IGUR III 1336 = IGRR I 350-352 = GVI 1924 = CIL VI 33976 = ILS 5177
List of Prosopographies:
Caldelli (1993), no. 7
Comment: Editors of IGUR date the inscription to shortly after 94 AD. Inscription in Greek and Latin, including an epigram in Greek, on the funerary monument of a boy who reportedly worked himself to death.