Person: Aurelius Hygianos from Smintheion (Troas)

Record ID: 470
Name: Aurelius Hygianos
Place of Origin: Smintheion (Troas)
Date Range: 161 to 250
List of Festivals:
Pauleia Smintheia in Smintheion (Troas)
List of Events:
Pauleia Smintheia inSmintheion (Troas) on ( 161 to 250 )
Pauleia Smintheia inSmintheion (Troas) on ( 161 to 250 )
List of Disciplines:
combat sports: pale - paides pythikoi
combat sports: pankration - paides pythikoi
List of References:
IMT 552 = Lolling (1884), 58-77 = OMS I, 630-632
List of Prosopographies:
Farrington (2012), no. 1.204
Comment: The reading of the inscription in the editio princeps (Lolling, also published in IMT, see sources below) included victories for Hygianos in the Isthmia, Pythia, and the Epheseia. A more accurate reading by Robert shows that Hygianos only won the Pauleia Smintheia.