Person: ([kitharoidos]) son of Damonikos from Tanagra or Tarentum? (Boiotia?)

Person ID: 6969
Alternative Name: [kitharoidos]
Father's Name: Damonikos
Place of Origin: Tanagra or Tarentum? (Boiotia?)
List of Festivals:
Mouseia in Thespiai (Boiotia)
List of Events:
Mouseia in Thespiai (Boiotia) on ( -100 to ? )
List of Disciplines:
musical: kitharoidos
List of References:
IG VII 1763
IThesp 181
IThesp 182
IThesp 183
Jamot, BCH 19 (1895), pp. 371-372, n. 20 & 21b
Manieri (2009), Thes. 35, pp. 406-407
List of Prosopographies:
Comment: Father's name is written [Da]monikos (Manieri). Name and provenance are lost. Discipline is very fragmentary. Provenance: Ta[nagra] or Ta[rentum]? (Manieri).