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Place ID Name Region Link
535 Antiochia
534 Katane Sicily
533 Kaisareia Cappadocia
Kaisareia (Cappadocia) (Pleiades)
532 Patara? Lycia
Patara (Pleiades)
531 Halasarna? Kos
Halasarna (Kos) (Pleiades)
530 Nikopolis? Epeiros
Nikopolis (Pleiades)
529 Hierapolis
528 Laodikeia Syria
Laodikeia (Syria) (Pleiades)
527 Chalkedon Bithynia
Chalkedon (Pleiades)
526 Bithynion-Klaudiopolis Bithynia
Bithynion-Klaudiopolis (Pleiades)
525 Trapezus Pontus
Trapezus (Pleiades)
524 Neocaesarea Pontus
Neocaesarea (Pleiades)
523 Heraklea Pontica Bythinia
Heraklea Pontica (Pleiades)
522 Tomis Thrace
Tomis (Pleiades)
521 Nemausus Gallia
Nemausus (Pleiades)
520 Panopolis Egypt
Panapolis (Pleiades)
519 Elaia Aeolis
Elaia (Trismegistos)
518 Gerasa Arabia
Gerasa (Pleiades)
517 Lyktos Crete
Lyktos (Pleiades)
516 Miletopolis Mysia
Miletopolis (Pleiades)
515 Antiochia (on the Maeander) Caria
Antiochia (ad Maeandrum) (Pleiades)
514 unknown Thessaly
Thessaly (Pleiades)
513 Keos Achaia
Keos (Pleiades)
512 unknown Thessaly
Thessaly (Pleiades)
511 Tripolis Phoenicia
Tripolis (Pleiades)
510 Theadelphia Egypt
Theadelphia (Pleiades)
509 Koroneia Boeotia
Koroneia (Pleiades)
508 unknown Caria
Caria (Pleiades)
507 Priene Ionia
Priene (Pleiades)
506 Assos Troas
Assos (Pleiades)
505 Tenedos Tenedos (Aegean Island)
Tenedos (Pleiades)
504 Pheneos Arkadia
Pheneos (Pleiades)
503 Nibis Egypt
Nibis (Trismegistos)
502 Thelpousa Arkadia
Thelpousa (Pleiades)
501 Bargylia Caria
Bargylia (Pleiades)
500 Opous? Aetolia
Opous (Pleiades)
499 Amphissa Aetolia
Amphissa (Pleiades)
498 Krannon Thessaly
Krannon (Pleiades)
497 Alope Thessaly
Alope (Pleiades)
496 Aigeira Achaia
Aigeira (Pleiades)
495 Kleitor? Arkadia
Kleitor (Pleiades)
494 Philippi Thrace
Philippi (Pleiades)
493 unknown Boeotia
Boeotia (Pleiades)
492 Heraia Arkadia
Heraia (Pleiades)
491 Phoinix? Caria
Phoinix (Pleiades)
490 Astypaleia
Astypalaia (Pleiades)
489 unknown Macedonia
Macedonia (Pleiades)
488 Amphipolis Macedonia
Amphipolis (Pleiades)
487 Eresos? Lesbos
Eresos? (Pleiades)
486 Eresos Lesbos
Eresos (Pleiades)
485 Antissa Lesbos
Antissa (Pleiades)
484 Aspendos Pamphylia
Aspendos (Pleiades)
483 Salamis? Cyprus
Salamis (Pleiades)
482 Megalopolis Arkadia
Megalopolis (Pleiades)
481 Alexandreia (Troas)? Troas
Alexandreia (Troas)? (Pleiades)
479 Rhodiapolis Lycia
Rhodiapolis (Lycia)
478 unknown Lycia
477 Anazarbos Cilicia
Anazarbos (Pleiades)
476 Daphne - Antiochia Syria
474 unknown Aetolia
Aetolia (Pleiades)
473 Tarentum Italy
Tarentum (Pleiades)
472 Crete? Crete
Crete (Pleiades)
471 unknown Epirus
Epirus (Pleiades)
469 Tauromenion Sicily
Tauromenion (Pleiades)
468 Ambrakia Epirus
Ambrakia (Pleiades)
467 Kyparissia Lakonia
Kyparissia (Pleiades)
466 unknown Boiotia
465 Laodikeia
464 Neapolis? Italy
463 Eretria Euboia
462 Hybla Sicily
Hybla (Pleiades)
461 unknown Macedonia
Macedonia (Pleiades)
460 Korkyra Korfu
Korkyra (Pleiades)
458 Akriai Lakonia
Akriai (Pleiades)
457 Seleukeia on the Tigris Mesopotamia
Seleukeia on the Tigris (Pleiades)
456 Messana Sicily
Messana (Pleiades)
455 Metapontum Italy
Metapontum (Pleiades)
454 Pelinna Thessaly
Pelinna (Pleiades)
453 unknown Thessaly
Thessaly (Pleiades)
452 Lousoi Arkadia
Lousoi (Pleiades)
451 Parapotamioi Phokis
Parapotamioi (Pleiades)
450 Kephallenia Kephallenia
Kephallenia (Pleiades)
449 unknown Arkadia
Arkadia (Pleiades)
448 Mylasa Caria
Mylasa (Pleiades)
447 Augusta Traiana Thrace
Augusta Traiana (Trismegistos)
446 Laertes Cilicia
Laertes (Pleiades)
445 Delos? Delos
Delos (Pleiades)
444 Adramyttion Troas
Adramyttion (Trismegistos)
443 Lindos Rhodes
Lindos (Pleiades)
442 Elis? Elis
441 Sardis?
Sardis (Pleiades)
440 Hierapolis Phrygia
439 unknown Akarnania
Acarnania (Pleiades)
438 Caesarea
437 unknown Messenia
Messenia (Pleiades)
436 Oinoanda? Lycia
Oenoanda/Termessos Mikra (Pleiades)
435 Oinoanda Lycia
Oenoanda/Termessos Mikra (Pleiades)
434 unknown Cyprus
Cyprus (Pleiades)
433 Tlos (Lycia)
Tlos (Pleiades)
432 unknown Egypt
Aegyptus (Roman imperial province)
431 Antiochia (on the Pyramus) Cilicia
Mallos/Antiochia ad Pyramum (Pleiades)
429 Amyklai Laconia
Amyklai (Pleiades)
428 unknown Armenia
Armenia (Pleiades)
427 Alexandria
426 Antikyra Phocis
Antikyra (Pleiades)
425 Amastris Pontus
Amastris (Pleiades)
424 Klazomenai Ionia
Klazomenai (Pleiades)
423 Zakynthos Ionia
Zakynthos (Pleiades)
422 Side Pamphylia
Side (Pleiades)
421 unknown Cappadocia
Cappadocia (Pleiades)
419 Keramos Caria
Keramos (Pleiades)
418 Aigion Achaia
Aigion (Pleiades)
416 Aigai Cilicia
Aigai (Pleiades)
414 Kydonia Crete
Kydonia (Pleiades)
413 Petra?
411 Naukratis Egypt
410 Lykopolis Egypt
409 unknown Aeolis
Aeolis (Trismegistos)
408 Aphrodisias?
407 Kaunos Caria
Kaunos (Pleiades)
405 Tanagra Boiotia
Tanagra (Pleiades)
404 Demetrias Thessaly
Demetrias in Thessaly (Pleiades)
402 Tyre Syria
Tyre (Pleiades)
401 Philippopolis Thrace
Philippopolis (Pleiades)
400 Beroia Macedonia
Beroia (Pleiades)
399 unknown Pontus
Pontus (Pleiades)
398 Philadelphia?
396 Chaironeia Boiotia
Chaironeia (Pleiades)
395 Saittai Lydia
Saittai (Pleiades)
394 Kyme Aiolis
Kyme (Pleiades)
390 Nikaia
388 Tyana Cappadocia
Tyana (Pleiades)
386 Nikaia? Bithynia
Nikaia (Pleiades)
385 Pergamon? Aeolis
Pergamon (Pleiades)
384 unknown Egypt
Egypt (Pleiades)
383 Apollonia
382 Dodona Epeiros
Dodona (Pleiades)
381 Chalkis Euboia
Chalkis (Pleiades)
380 Delos Delos
Delos (Pleiades)
379 Naxos Sicily
Naxos (Pleiades)
378 unknown Africa
Africa (Pleiades)
377 unknown Thracia
374 Anemurium Cilicia
Anemourion (Trismegistos)
373 Sillyon Pamphylia
Sillyon (Pleiades)
372 Massalia Gaul
Massalia (Pleiades)
371 Crete Crete
Crete (Pleiades)
370 Pessinous Galatia
Pessinus (Pleiades)
369 Elateia Phokis
Elateia (Pleiades)
368 Elateia?
Elateia (Pleiades)
367 Phylake Thessaly
Phylake (Thessaly) (Pleiades)
366 unknown Euboia
Euboia (Pleiades)
365 Orchomenos Boiotia
Orchomenos in Boeotia (Pleiades)
364 Daldis Lydia
Daldis (Pleiades)
363 Lydai Lycia
Lydai (Pleiades)
361 Telmessos Lycia
Telmessos (Pleiades)
360 Phleious Kleonaia
Phleious (Pleiades)
359 Larisa Thessaly
Larisa (Pleiades)
358 Demetrias? Thessaly
Demetrias in Thessaly (Pleiades)
356 Chalkis ad Belum Syria
Chalkis ad Belum (Pleiades)
355 Chios Chios
Chios (Pleiades)
354 Alexandreia Troas
Alexandreia in Troas (Pleiades)
353 Ilium Troas
Ilium (Pleiades)
352 Magnesia?
351 Melos? Melos
Melos (Pleiades)
350 Hierapolis? Phrygia
Hierapolis (Pleiades)
349 Tenos? Tenos
Tenos (Pleiades)
348 Seleukeia Pieria Syria
Seleukeia Pieria (Pleiades)
347 Kaisareia Tralleis Caria
Tralleis (Pleiades)
345 Perge Pamphylia
Perge (Pleiades)
344 unknown Attica
Attica (Pleiades)
343 Side?
342 Hermione Hermionia
Hermione (Pleiades)
341 Kamiros Rhodes
Kamiros (Pleiades)
340 Taras? Italy
Taras (Pleiades)
338 Anthedon Boiotia
Anthedon (Pleiades)
337 unknown Phokis
Phokis (Pleiades)
336 Lindos? Rhodes
Lindos (Pleiades)
335 Pella Macedonia
Pella (Pleiades)
334 Phigaleia Arkadia
Phigaleia (Pleiades)
333 Kaulonia Italy
Kaulonia (Pleiades)
332 Lepreon Arkadia
Lepreon (Pleiades)
331 Pellene Achaia
Pellene (Pleiades)
330 Hierapolis-Kastabala Cilicia
Hierapolis-Kastabala (Pleiades)
329 unknown Troas
Troas (Pleiades)
328 Philadelphia Lydia
Philadelpheia (Lydia) (Pleiades)
327 Lebadeia Boiotia
Lebadeia (Pleiades)
326 Thourioi Italy
Thourioi (Pleiades)
325 Salamis? Attica
Salamis (Attica) (Pleiades)
324 Mainalos Arkadia
Mainalos (Pleiades)
323 Knossos Crete
Knossos (Pleiades)
322 Himera Sicily
Himera (Pleiades)
321 Byzantion Thrace
Byzantion (Pleiades)
320 Smintheion Troas
Smintheion (Pleiades)
319 Athens? Attica
Athens (Pleiades)
318 Megara Megaris
Megara (Pleiades)
317 unknown Boiotia
Boiotia (Pleiades)
315 unknown Arkadia
Arkadia (Pleiades)
314 Marathon Attica
Marathon (Pleiades)
313 Opous Aetolia
Opous (Pleiades)
312 Phthiotis Thessaly
Phthiotis (Pleiades)
311 Thasos Thasos
Thasos (Pleiades)
310 Pharsalos Thessaly
Pharsalos (Pleiades)
308 Stymphalos Arkadia
Stymphalos (Pleiades)
307 Akragas Sicily
Akragas (Pleiades)
306 Aigina? Achaia
Aigina (Pleiades)
305 Karystos Euboia
Karystos (Pleiades)
304 Acharnai Attica
Acharnai (Pleiades)
303 Kirra Phokis
Kirra (Pleiades)
301 Kroton Italy
Kroton (Pleiades)
300 Aigina Achaia
Aigina (Pleiades)
299 Ioulis? Keos
Ioulis (Pleiades)
298 Smyrna? Ionia
Smyrna (Pleiades)
297 Argos? Argeia
Argos (Pleiades)
296 Tenea Corinthia
Tenea (Pleaides)
295 Magnesia on the Sipylos Lydia
Magnesia on the Sipylos (Pleiades)
294 Hierokaisareia Lydia
Hierokaisareia in Lydia (Pleiades)
293 Chios? Chios
Chios (Pleiades)
292 Prusa Bithynia
Prusa (Pleiades)
291 Stymphalos? Arkadia
Stymphalos (Pleiades)
290 Nikomedeia Bithynia
Nikomedeia (Pleiades)
289 Antiochia?
288 unknown Cyprus?
Cyprus (Pleiades)
287 Apamea-Myrleia Bithynia
Apamea-Myrleia in Bithynia (Pleiades)
286 Rhamnous Attica
Rhamnous (Pleiades)
285 Elis Elis
Elis (Pleiades)
284 unknown Ionia
Ionia (Pleiades)
283 Aizanoi Phrygia
Aizanoi (Pleiades)
282 Mytilene Lesbos
Mytilene (Pleiades)
281 Nikaia Bithynia
Nikaia (Pleiades)
280 Attaleia? Pamphylia
Attaleia (Pleiades)
278 Adana Cilicia
Adana (Pleiades)
277 Sparta? Lakonia
Sparta (Pleiades)
275 Rome? Italy
Rome (Pleiades)
273 Epidauros? Epidauria
Epidauros (Pleiades)
271 Kolophon Ionia
Kolophon (Pleiades)
269 Nysa Caria
Nysa (Pleiades)
267 Stratonikeia Caria
Stratonikeia (Pleiades)
265 Metropolis Ionia
Metropolis (Pleiades)
263 unknown Macedonia
Macedonia (Pleiades)
259 Patara Lycia
Patara (Pleiades)
257 Xanthos Lycia
Xanthos (Pleiades)
255 unknown Egypt
Egypt (Pleiades)
253 Epidauros Epidauria
Epidauros (Pleiades)
245 Salamis Cyprus
Salamis (Cyprus) (Pleiades)
243 Plataiai Boiotia
Plataiai (Pleiades)
241 Didyma? Ionia
Didyma (Pleiades)
239 Philippopolis? Thrace
Philippopolis (Pleiades)
235 Antiochia (on the Orontes) Syria
Antiochia (on the Orontes) (Pleiades)
233 Laodikeia on the Lykos Phrygia
Laodikeia on the Lykos (Pleiades)
231 Sinope Pontus
Sinope (Pleiades)
229 Kyzikos Mysia
Kyzikos (Pleiades)
227 Isthmia Corinthia
Isthmia (Pleiades)
225 unknown Lakonia
Lakonia (Pleiades)
223 unknown Asia
Asia (Pleiades)
221 Selge Pisidia
Selge (Pleiades)
219 Hypaipa Lydia
Hypaipa (Pleiades)
213 Laodikeia?
Laodikeia on the Lykos (Pleiades)
211 Hierapolis?
209 Puteoli Italy
Puteoli (Pleiades)
207 Anazarbos Cilicia
Anazarbos (Pleiades)
201 Kibyra Lycia
Kibyra (Pleiades)
199 Ankyra Galatia
Ankyra (Pleiades)
197 Damascus Syria
Damascus (Pleiades)
193 Corinth? Corinthia
Corinth (Pleiades)
191 Alexandria?
189 Kos? Kos
Kos (Pleiades)
187 Miletos? Ionia
Miletos (Pleiades)
185 Klaros? Ionia
Klaros (Pleiades)
183 Samos? Samos
Samos (Pleiades)
181 Tarsos Cilicia
Tarsos (Trismegistos)
177 Sidon Syria
Sidon (Pleiades)
175 Thyateira Lydia
Thyateira (Pleiades)
173 Adada Pisidia
Adada (Pleiades)
169 Gortyn Crete
Gortyn (Pleiades)
167 Kalykadnos Cilicia
Kalykadnos (Pleiades)
165 Phokaia Aiolis
Phokaia (Pleiades)
163 Sikyon? Sikyonia
Sikyon (Pleiades)
161 Messene? Messenia
Messene (Pleiades)
159 Cedrea? Caria
Cedrea (Pleiades)
157 Rhodes? Rhodes
Rhodes (Pleiades)
155 Tegea? Arkadia
Tegea (Pleiades)
153 unknown Achaia
Achaia (Pleiades)
151 Patrai Achaia
Patrai (Pleiades)
149 Teos Ionia
Teos (Pleiades)
147 Iasos Caria
Iasos (Pleiades)
145 Knidos Caria
Knidos (Pleiades)
143 Myndos Caria
Myndos (Pleiades)
141 Limyra Lycia
Limyra (Pleiades)
139 Ephesos? Ionia
Ephesos (Pleiades)
137 Aphrodisias Caria
Aphrodisias (Pleiades)
131 Thespiai Boiotia
Thespiai (Pleiades)
127 Antinooupolis? Egypt
123 Memphis? Egypt
Memphis (Pleiades)
121 Oxyrhynchos Egypt
Oxyrhynchos (Trismegistos)
119 Leontopolis Egypt
Leontopolis (Pleiades)
117 Hermopolis Magna Egypt
Hermopolis Magna (Pleiades)
115 Thebai Egypt
Thebai (Egypt) (Pleiades)
113 Aigai?
111 Syracuse Sicily
Syracuse (Pleiades)
101 Arsinoe?
99 Arsinoe Egypt
Arsinoe (Egypt) (Pleiades)
97 Myra Lycia
Myra (Pleiades)
95 Thessalonike? Macedonia
Thessalonike (Pleiades)
93 Thessalonike Macedonia
Thessalonike (Pleiades)
91 Hermonthis Egypt
Hermonthis (Pleiades)
89 unknown Thrace
Thrace (Pleiades)
87 Memphis Egypt
Memphis (Pleiades)
85 unknown Thrace?
Thrace (Pleiades)
83 Antinooupolis Egypt
Antinooupolis (Pleiades)
79 Kaisareia (Tralleis) Caria
Tralleis (Pleiades)
77 Kos Kos
Kos (Pleiades)
71 Mantinea Achaia
Mantinea (Pleiades)
69 Neapolis Italy
Neapolis (Trismegistos)
67 Rome Italy
Rome (Pleiades)
65 Sparta Lakonia
Sparta (Pleiades)
63 Perinthos Thrace
Perinthos (Pleiades)
61 Argos Argeia
Argos (Pleiades)
59 Nikopolis Epeiros
Nikopolis (Pleiades)
57 Ephesos Ionia
Ephesos (Pleiades)
55 Sardis Lydia
Sardis (Pleiades)
53 Smyrna Ionia
Smyrna (Pleiades)
51 Erythrai Ionia
Erythrai (Pleiades)
45 Klaros Ionia
Klaros (Pleiades)
43 Samos Samos
Samos (Pleiades)
41 Pergamon Mysia
Pergamon (Pleiades)
39 Alexandria Egypt
Alexandria (Pleiades)
37 Tritaia Achaia
Tritaia (Pleiades)
33 Messene Messenia
Messene (Pleiades)
31 Delphi Phokis
Delphi (Pleiades)
29 Nemea Kleonaia
Nemea (Pleiades)
27 Halikarnassos Caria
Halikarnassos (Pleiades)
25 Miletos Ionia
Miletos (Pleiades)
23 Cedrea Caria
Cedrea (Pleiades)
21 Rhodes Rhodes
Rhodes (Pleiades)
19 unknown Bithynia
Bithynia (Pleiades)
17 Corinth Corinthia
Corinth (Pleiades)
15 Tegea Arkadia
Tegea (Pleiades)
13 Hermopolis? Egypt
11 Olympia Elis
Olympia (Pleiades)
1 Kyrene Kyrenaika
Kyrene (Pleiades)
2 Oropos Attica
Oropos (Pleiades)
3 Eleusis Attica
Eleusis (Pleiades)
4 Athens Attica
Athens (Pleiades)
5 Thebes Boiotia
Thebes (Boiotia) (Pleiades)
6 Sikyon Sykionia
Sikyon (Pleiades)
7 Magnesia on the Meander Ionia
Magnesia on the Meander (Pleiades)
8 Byllis Illyria
Byllis (Pleiades)
9 unknown Thessaly
Thessaly (Pleiades)