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How to perform a Database Search

The "Search Database" menu allows several types of searches, or search results. Each menu item, e.g. "Search Persons", "Search Events", etc., returns results from different tables in the database: "Persons", "Events", etc. Furthermore, each search type includes multiple search fields.

For example, should you wish to find all persons born in Athens that have ever participated in a festival held in Olympia, the relevant search is as follows:

  • Go to the "Search Persons" menu item in "Search Database";
  • Click on "Advanced Search"
  • In "Place of Origin" type "Athens"
  • In "Festival Place" type "Olympia"
  • Click "Submit

The results will be displayed on the same page.

The "Basic Search" option allows searching the most common fields.

The "Advanced Search" option allows a more customized search of the database: you can enter any string in each field and thus make combinations; the returned results will match all fields (logical AND).

Both the Basic and Advances Searches allow you to use logical OR and AND operators to perform a search. For example, searching on Marcus AND (Koros OR Charmos) in the "Person" field, will return results for Marcus and either Koros or Charmos. The logical operators OR and AND are case sensitive, but the search terms are not. This feature is not implemented for Period.

Recent Posts

  • New Search Option Available

    We have added more sophisticated search option. Not only can you specify that you want to have a list of persons, rather than events, you also can use Boolean operators AND & OR. The find results are downloadable in CSV format for further processing. For instructions,  click on the search database button.

  • The Cotswold Olimpicks

    Slightly tangential: last month witnessed the celebration of Robert Dover's Cotswolds Olympic games in rustic Chipping Camden in the Cotswolds.  These games have been regulalrly celebrated since 1612 and represent a crucial link in between the ancient Olympics and the Modern Games. Onno van Nijf wrote a blog about it (in Dutch), that can be found on See also Of cousre we would be very interested in finding out how many athletes took part, and where they all came  from ...

  • Minor updates

    There has been an update to the database: we have made some changes to the tables: Region and Age Category are now separate tables; new tables Role and Deme have been added. we have also fixed a problem with exporting ther esults as a CSV file. Please contact us if you experience any further problems

  • New content

    Over 500 individuals have been added to the database, as all the Pythionikai collected by Jean-Yves Strasser in his 2001 volumes 'Pythionikai. Recherches sur les vainqueurs aux Pythia de Delphes' are now online, as well as all members of ecumenical synods collected by Bram Fauconnier for his 2018 dissertation 'Ecumenical Synods. The Associations of Athletes and Artists in the Roman Empire'. We want to thank both scholars for allowing us to add their data to the Connected Contests Database!

  • Project Launch

    On 1 February we have launched or new NWO-funded research project Connecting the Greeks - multiscalar festival networks in the Hellenistic world. Read the full blog for a nice group photo.






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