Person: Iranos son of Phrynidos from Tanagra (Boiotia)

Person ID: 4718
Name: Iranos
Father's Name: Phrynidos
Place of Origin: Tanagra (Boiotia)
List of Festivals:
Ptoia? in Akraiphia (Boiotia)
List of Events:
Ptoia? in Akraiphia (Boiotia) on ( -85 to 100 )
List of Disciplines:
other: keryxis
List of References:
Bizard, BCH 44 (1920), p. 261, n. 11
Manieri (2009), Acr. 14, pp. 107-108
Comment: [I]ranos, son of Phrynid[os] (Manieri).