Person: Tiberius Julius Apolaustos?

Person ID: 6211
Name: Tiberius Julius Apolaustos?
List of Festivals:
Kommodeia Dionysia Herakleia in Thebes (Boiotia)
List of Events:
Kommodeia Dionysia Herakleia in Thebes (Boiotia) on ( 100 to 200 )
List of Disciplines:
musical: tragikes enrythmou kineseos hypokrisis
List of References:
IEphesos 1221
IEphesos 2070 + 2071
Manieri (2009), Theb. 14, pp. 305-308
Robert (1930), pp. 113-114
Slater (1995), pp. 282-283
Comment: [Tib. Iulius Apolaustos] (Manieri). Name is lost; proposed on account of discovery place (statue of victor). Father's name and provenance not mentioned.