Event: ([pentathlete]) from Ephesos? (Ionia)

Event ID 135
Person [pentathlete] son of ___ from Ephesos? in Ionia
Festival ___ in (Macedonia)
Discipline pentathlon: pentathlon
Age Category andres
Date 118 - 300
Achievement V
Comment: I.Eph. 2072: According to the inscription, the athlete has won various agones here ('νεικήσαντα τοὺς ἐν Μακε̣[δο]/νίᾳ ἀγῶνας ἀπαραδίσκευτον ἀπαρακόντιστον / ἄλειπτον', meaning 'he won at the games in Macedonia, and was not defeated in discus throwing, not in javelin-throwing, and he was unconquered'). Which ones and where exactly is not specified.