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Discipline ID Name Sports Category Sports Super Category
263 chariot? equestrian
1814 pentathlon athletic
1333 music? artistic
311 running athletic
1892 theatre artistic
113 chariot equestrian
131 music artistic
406 running? athletic
199 combat sports athletic
228 riding equestrian
236 combat sports? athletic
1972 ? ? other
2045 ? combat sports? athletic
2046 ? running athletic
2240 ? (polikos) chariot equestrian
1097 (stadion) euangelia Rhomaion nikes running athletic
1140 aboloi stadion riding equestrian
318 agalmatopoiesis artistic other
1038 agitator chariot equestrian
1036 agitator? chariot equestrian
2021 akontisis pentathlon athletic
401 apene chariot equestrian
1867 aphippodroma riding equestrian
1866 aphippolampas riding equestrian
1252 apobates chariot equestrian
1262 aude music artistic
1265 aude? music artistic
89 aulesis music artistic
1193 aulesis (kyklikos) music artistic
183 aulesis (pythaulesis) music artistic
1709 aulesis (pythaulesis)? music artistic
291 aulesis? music artistic
7 auloidia music artistic
1998 choregia choral artistic
1999 choregia? choral artistic
1997 choros (choraules) choral artistic
2010 choros (hegemon) choral artistic
2000 choros (politikos) choral artistic
277 dia panton music artistic
43 diaulos running athletic
298 diaulos? running athletic
2013 diskobolia pentathlon athletic
2001 dithyrambos choral artistic
13 dolichos running athletic
253 dolichos? running athletic
297 dromos running athletic
1988 dromos? running athletic
2212 enkomion literature
2002 enkomion literature/oratory artistic
1750 enkomion (eis mousas) literature/oratory artistic
1141 enkomion (eis to theon katalogaden) literature/oratory artistic
1716 enkomion (eis tous autokratoras) literature/oratory artistic
1721 enkomion (enkomiographos eis Erota kai Romaious) literature/oratory artistic
1705 enkomion (enkomiographos eis Messaleinon) literature/oratory artistic
1706 enkomion (enkomiographos eis Sebasten Ioulian Mnemosunen) literature/oratory artistic
1707 enkomion (enkomiographos eis Tauron) literature/oratory artistic
1335 enkomion (epikon) literature/oratory artistic
1440 enkomion (katalogaden) literature/oratory artistic
1204 enkomion (logikon) literature/oratory artistic
1339 enkomion (logikon)? literature/oratory artistic
288 enoplion chariot equestrian
224 epibaterion chariot equestrian
1890 epigram literature/oratory artistic
2004 epinikia literature/oratory artistic
2238 eutaxia other artistic
338 harma chariot equestrian
179 harma (enoplion) chariot equestrian
264 harma (polikon) chariot equestrian
314 harma (teleion) chariot equestrian
1995 harma (teleion)? chariot equestrian
869 harma? chariot equestrian
1096 hippios running athletic
2019 hippios (dolichos) running athletic
2018 hippios (dromos) running athletic
1869 hippios? running athletic
293 hippos riding equestrian
1139 hippos (lampros) riding equestrian
2237 hippos (polikos) riding equestrian
248 hippos (teleios) riding equestrian
1251 hoplite combat sports athletic
227 hoplites dromos running athletic
2014 hoplites dromos (apo tou tropaiou) running athletic
2015 hoplites dromos (meta tes aspidos) running athletic
290 hoplites dromos? running athletic
2195 hoplitis? running athletic
1879 hypokrisis theatre artistic
2011 hypokrisis (kaines komoidia) theatre artistic
1712 hypokrisis (kaines tragoidia) theatre artistic
1718 hypokrisis (komoidos palaias komoidias) theatre artistic
1454 hypokrisis (komoidos palaias komoidias)? theatre artistic
1880 hypokrisis (komoidos) theatre artistic
1443 hypokrisis (komoidos)? theatre artistic
1878 hypokrisis (neas tragoidias) theatre artistic
1516 hypokrisis (palaias komoidia) theatre artistic
1515 hypokrisis (palaias tragoidia) theatre artistic
1714 hypokrisis (tragoidos palaias tragoidias) theatre artistic
1453 hypokrisis (tragoidos palaias tragoidias)? theatre artistic
1206 hypokrisis (tragoidos) theatre artistic
1442 hypokrisis (tragoidos)? theatre artistic
1444 hypokrisis? theatre artistic
3 javelin throw pentathlon athletic
402 kalpes dromos riding equestrian
1882 kataloge (nea) theatre artistic
1876 kataloge (palaia) theatre artistic
265 keles riding equestrian
1992 keles (hippos) riding equestrian
1861 keles (polikos) riding equestrian
1862 keles (teleios) riding equestrian
358 keles? riding equestrian
1858 keras music artistic
1189 keryxis other artistic
1338 keryxis? other artistic
1745 kitharisis music artistic
61 kitharoidia music artistic
321 kitharoidia? music artistic
256 lampas running athletic
2235 lampas (apo bomou) running athletic
2016 lampas (apo protes) running athletic
2236 lampas (epi bomon) running athletic
2234 lampas (pros bomon) running athletic
257 lampas? running athletic
73 pale combat sports athletic
215 pale? combat sports athletic
29 pankration combat sports athletic
242 pankration? combat sports athletic
1508 pantomimos (hypokrisis tragikes enrythomou kineseos) theatre artistic
320 pantomimos (orchestes) theatre artistic
49 pentathlon pentathlon athletic
2198 pentathlon penathlete
2020 pentathlon (trias) pentathlon athletic
1868 pentathlon? pentathlon athletic
2233 philoponia other artistic
1436 poesis (kaines komoidia) theatre artistic
1451 poesis (kaines tragoidias) theatre artistic
1456 poesis (komoidias) theatre artistic
2027 poesis (komoidias)? theatre artistic
1881 poesis (neas komoidias) theatre artistic
2029 poesis (palaias komoidia) theatre artistic
1455 poesis (tragoidion) theatre artistic
2028 poesis (tragoidion)? theatre artistic
99 poiesis literature/oratory artistic
2213 poiesis literature
1753 poiesis (choron) literature/oratory artistic
1752 poiesis (eis autokratoras) literature/oratory artistic
1702 poiesis (eis mousas) literature/oratory artistic
2003 poiesis (epikos) literature/oratory artistic
2006 poiesis (epon) literature/oratory artistic
2009 poiesis (epon)? literature/oratory artistic
1037 poiesis (poesia graeca) literature/oratory artistic
270 poiesis (poesia latina) literature/oratory artistic
5 poiesis (prosodion) literature/oratory artistic
1329 poiesis (prosodion)? literature/oratory artistic
1296 poiesis (satyron) theatre artistic
1205 poiesis (satyron)? theatre artistic
2012 polemisterion riding equestrian
221 polemisterion hippikon riding equestrian
2214 polemisterion? riding equestrian
1871 prosdrome (hippeon) military other
1872 prosdrome (pezon) military other
1883 prosdrome (synoridi) military other
2188 pugme pale pankration combat sports athletic
27 pugme combat sports athletic
157 pugme? combat sports athletic
1143 rhapsoidia music artistic
1710 rhapsoidia? music artistic
1987 rhetorike (techne) literature/oratory artistic
249 salpisma music artistic
2025 salpisma? music artistic
1744 satyros (satyrographos) theatre artistic
1887 skopo (hippeon) military other
1885 skopos (pezon) military other
1332 sophisteia literature/oratory artistic
271 stadion running athletic
2017 stadion (thygateras bouleuton) running athletic
167 stadion? running athletic
289 symblema other equestrian
299 synoris chariot equestrian
1891 synoris (apobates) chariot equestrian
219 synoris (polike) chariot equestrian
218 synoris (teleia) chariot equestrian
1989 synoris? chariot equestrian
1820 taurotheria other equestrian
1874 teleia riding equestrian
304 testdiscipline unknown_tobedeleted
232 tethrippon chariot equestrian
2023 tethrippon (polikon) chariot equestrian
2022 tethrippon (teleion) chariot equestrian
2024 tethrippon (teleion)? chariot equestrian
238 tethrippon? chariot equestrian
1886 toxike military other
1870 tristadios running athletic
57 unknown unknown_tobedeleted
1924 zeugos (diaulos) riding equestrian
1253 zeugos (en toi stadioi) chariot equestrian
2026 zographia artistic other