Event: [M(arcus) A]urelius [Heras]? from Chios? (Chios)

Event ID 1426
Person [M(arcus) A]urelius [Heras]? son of ___ from Chios? in Chios
Festival Kaisareia in Chios? (Chios)
Discipline running: hoplites dromos
Age Category
Date 143 - 172
Achievement V
Comment: The source says: 'Kaisareia en patridi': it is assumed Heras was from Chios. If the athlete from the stone is indeed Africanus' Heras, his Olympian victory is firmly dated to 157 A.D., and 143 and 172 A.D. simply form the outmost careerborders as Farrington (2012), 151 note 514 assumes an average career length of 15 years (i.e. 157-15 = 143; 157+15 = 172). - PK