Event: Dromeus from Stymphalos (Arkadia)

Event ID 1671
Person Dromeus son of ___ from Stymphalos in Arkadia
Festival Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
Discipline running: dolichos
Age Category
Date -500 - -470
Achievement V
Comment: Mentioned in Pausanias 6.7.10, a man from Stymphalos, runner, victorious in the dolichos. The dating is based upon Farrington (2012), no. 1.25 and p. 109 note 226, who in turn based himself on the supposed dating for the career of the sculptor Pythagoras, who made the statue described by Pausanias. Moretti (1953), nos. 188 and 199 give two possibilities for Dromeus' two Olympic victories, viz. 484-0 and 460-56 B.C. - PK Dromeus’ Nemean victories perhaps date to between 495 and 471 BC or possibly to between ca. 465 and ca. 451 BC and were presumably in the δόλιχος or some other track event. - EK