Event: Dandis / Datis / Dantios / Dantis from Argos (Argeia)

Event ID 1787
Person Dandis / Datis / Dantios / Dantis son of ___ from Argos in Argeia
Festival Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
Discipline running: ___
Age Category
Date -484 - -462
Achievement V
Comment: Dandis (or Dandes) is the subject of Simonides' poem known to us as Anth. Gr. 13.14; there he is designated as a stadiodromos from Argos with two victories at the Olympics, three Pythian victories, two Isthmian victories, fifteen Nemean victories and many unspecified others; his Olympic victories can be dated based on P.Oxy II 222 col. 1 lines 8 and 20 to 476 and 472 B.C. in the diaulos and stadion respectively - for his other victories we can only know he was a runner. These dates form the central part of Farrington's general dating (no. 1.37 and p. 112-3 note 244), which I follow here. - PK