Event: Lucius Cornelius Corinthus from Corinth (Corinthia)

Event ID 2615
Person Lucius Cornelius Corinthus son of ___ from Corinth in Corinthia
Festival ___ in (Asia)
Discipline musical: pythaulesis
Age Category
Date 50 - 120
Achievement V
Comment: From a stele, SEG 29.340, which records several victories to Lucius' name, who claims to be a periodonikes; dating based upon discussion Farrington (2012), 139-40 note 435, based on style and the lack of reference to some important 2nd century festivals. Note that the stele differentiates between the Isthmia (set in a crown) and the Kaisareia at Corinth on the lower pediment. The Aspis of Argos is mentioned in coronis as being won twice and twice in a shield it is mentioned as 'ten ex Argou (sic) aspida' and also mentioned in the text. Assumedly he won this competition twice? - PK