Event: Nikokles son of Nikatas from Akriai (Lakonia)

Event ID 3979
Person Nikokles son of Nikatas from Akriai in Lakonia
Festival Olympia in Olympia (Elis)
Discipline running: diaulos
Age Category
Date -100 - -50
Achievement V
Comment: Moretti (1957), no. 655. Pausanias (3.22.5) mentions five Olympic victories of Nikokles at two Olympic games in the discipline of 'running'. Moretti (1957, no. 655-657) suggests that these victories were won at the 170th and 171st Olympiads (= 100 and 96 BC). Yet, the victory at the Eleutheria at Larisa is now dated to ca. 80-70 BC (SEG 60.592) and the victories at the Amphiaraia at Oropos may equally date to ca. 80-50 BC (IG VII, 415 +417; I.Oropos 525). In SEG 60.592 the date for one of Nikokles' victories at the Olympic games is given as 76 BC (SEG 60.952) rather than 100 or 96 BC. Seen the dating of the other victories, the Olympic victories may well date to a period closer to the 80s and 70s BC than the dates suggested by Moretti. [DvdL]