Event: ([runner]) from Ephesos (Ionia)

Event ID 543
Person [runner] son of ___ from Ephesos in Ionia
Festival Traianeia in Pergamon (Mysia)
Discipline running: stadion?
Age Category ageneioi or andres
Date 200 - 225
Achievement V
Comment: The athlete has competed at this festival twice, this is the first one he lists. He does not mention in which discipline and age category he competed, but given the chronology it must be ageneioi/andres, and gives the disciplines it is likely that he competed in the stadion (rather than at the diaulos, which he did mostly as ἀνήρ). He explicitly states that he won here a second time 'Τρα[ιάνεια ἐν] Περ[γά]/μῳ τὸ βʹ' NB: He also competes again at another festival, where he does make explicit the second time which discipline and age category he competed, probably because both were different. This would support the interpretation that his second time at the Traianeia, he competed in the same discipline and age category.