Event: Phokion (Lokion) from Keos (Aegean)

Event ID 5519
Person Phokion (Lokion) son of ___ from Keos in Aegean
Festival Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
Discipline combat sports: pugme
Age Category andres
Date -573 - -331
Achievement V
Comment: Phokion, Eparkos and Alexidikos are all mentioned as victors in what was almost certainly the men's boxing at Nemea . Although IG XII 5, 608 is not overall chronologically ordered, within the groups of disciplines that it lists it may be. Thus it is possible that Phokion won before Eparkos and that Eparkos won before Alexidikos. The traditional foundation date of the Nemea is usually taken to be 573 BC and the lower date limit of IG XII 5, no. 608 is ca. 330 BC. If victors within groups of single disciplines are really ordered chronologically, then we have the following: Phokion: 573-331 BC (?), Eparkos: 571-331 BC (?), Alexidikos: 569-331 BC (?)