Event: ([pentathlete]) from Ephesos? (Ionia)

Event ID 71
Person [pentathlete] son of ___ from Ephesos? in Ionia
Festival Chrysanthina in Sardis (Lydia)
Discipline pentathlon: pentathlon
Age Category
Date 118 - 300
Achievement V
Comment: The stone is damaged here: Χρυσάνθινα ἐν̣ [Σάρδεσιν. Because of another win at this festival mentioned in ll. 6-7 (Χρυ]/[σ]άνθινα ἐν Σάρδεσιν τὸ βʹ), Sardis can be safely supplemented here. This festival and the Barbillea in Ephesos are referred to as πͅυθικῶν: π̣υθικῶν· Χρυσάνθινα ἐν̣ [Σάρδεσιν, Βαρ]/βίλληα ἐν Ἐφέσῳ (ll. 3-4)