Person: Timagoras from Chalkis (Euboia)

Person ID: 928
Name: Timagoras
Place of Origin: Chalkis (Euboia)
Date Range: -475 to -450
List of Festivals:
Pythia in Delphi (Phokis)
List of Events:
Pythia in Delphi (Phokis) on ( -475 to -450 )
List of Disciplines:
artistic: zographia
List of References:
Plin. Nat. 35, 38.
List of Prosopographies:
Strasser (2001), no. 46
Comment: Strasser (2001) states that the description of Pliny of this painting competition is unique. Therefore there should be some skepticism about whether this competition at this particular Pythian games did took place. - YP