Event: ([pentathlete, runner, pankratiast]) from Kos (Kos)

Event ID 299
Person [pentathlete, runner, pankratiast] son of ___ from Kos in Kos
Festival Kaisareia in Limyra (Lycia)
Discipline running: stadion
Age Category isthmikoi paides
Date -100 - 50
Achievement V
Comment: The athlete won the stadion and the pentathlon on the same day: Και/σάρηα τὰ τιθέμενα Γαΐωι Καί/σαρι παῖδας Ἰσθμικοὺς στάδι/ον καὶ πένταθλον τᾶι αὐτᾶι ἁμέ/ραι. Contest place is added based on Moretti