Event: Alkimachos from Athens (Attica)

Event ID 5518
Person Alkimachos son of ___ from Athens in Attica
Festival Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
Discipline music: kitharoidia
Date -440 - -410
Achievement V
Comment: An Athenian red-figure pelike, found near Plovdiv, shows a youth with a kithara, surrounded by six nikai, four of whom are named ??????, ????????, ?????? and ???????????. There is also a kalos inscription ('????????? ?????'), which presumably refers to the kitharode depicted. The vase therefore seems to record victories at the Nemea, Isthmia and Panathenaia. The reference to Marathon may indicate a victory in the Herakleia, which are attested for the 5c BC, although wrestling is the only discipline so far known (Nielsen (2018)).