Event: ([runner/pentathlete])

Event ID 561
Person [runner/pentathlete] son of ___ from in Asia
Festival Isthmia in Isthmia (Corinthia)
Discipline running: stadion
Age Category
Date 150 - 175
Achievement V
Comment: Contest place is supplemented. Farrington (2012), 25 suggests that the Isthmia were held at the Poseidon sanctuary from Nero onwards. - PK Farrington gives an alternative dating, viz. 135-175 A.D., explained in Farrington (2012), 149 note 494: he suggests the naming of the Didymeia (without the adjective Kommodeia) means this inscription is from before 180 A.D.; he also relates Tiberius Julius Rhegeinos, the aforementioned agonothete and priest, to the eponymous agonothete and priest of I.Eph. 1605, 1604 and 1105, which can respectively be dated with some certainty due to mentions of specific editions of the Megala Ephesia, and based on comparing of Rhegeinos' offices he suggests I.Eph. 1611 might be dated as early as 150 A.D. The athlete might then have been active as early as 135 A.D., based on an average career length of 15 years, thus Farrington. - PK