Event: Titus Flavius Asklep[i... from Miletos? (Ionia)

Event ID 1171
Person Titus Flavius Asklep[i... son of ___ from Miletos? in Ionia
Festival Aktia ta Megala in Nikopolis (Epeiros)
Discipline combat sports: ___
Age Category
Date 75 - 120
Achievement V
Comment: The inscription is damaged, so both the number of victories (2) at this festival, and the exact name of the festival ('Aktia ta Megala') are not entirely certain (l. 5: Ἄκτ|[ια τὰ μεγάλα βʹ). As most attestations in the database so far refer to the 'Aktia' instead of the 'Aktia ta Megala', reading simply 'Aktia' does not seem unlikely. Sarikakis suggests one victory (instead of two) at the Ἄκτ[ια τὰ μεγάλα Καισάρηα---. Discipline not mentioned, but probably pale or pankration.