Discipline ID: 199
Discipline Name:
Sports Category: combat sports
Sports Super Category: athletic
List of athletes:
Titus Flavius Artemidoros son of Artemidoros from Adana (Cilicia)
Tiberius Claudius Nikophon son of Nikophon from Miletos (Ionia)
Philippos Glykon (The Glory of Asia, The lightning bolt of the pankration, The broad-footed, The New Atlas) son of Asklepiades from Pergamon (Mysia)
Pergamos son of Pergamos from Ilion (Troas)
Nikostratos son of Isidotos from Aigai (Cilicia)
Marcus Aurelius Peios from Daldis (Lydia)
Lucius Septimius Flavianus Flavillianus son of Flavius Diogenes from Oinoanda (Lycia)
(Tiberius Claudius?) Demokrates son of Demokrates from Magnesia on the Maeander (Ionia)
Aurelius Helix from (Phoenicia)
Hippolochos son of Asklepiades from Pergamon (Mysia)
Melankomas from ? (Caria)
Eurymenes from (Samos)
Kleom(b)rotos son of Dexilaos from Sybaris (Italy)
([athlete]) from Athens? (Attica)
Titus Flavius Artemidoros from Kyme (Aiolis)
Pythodelos son of Pythodoros from Athens (Attica)
([athlete]) from Corinth? (Corinthia)
Titus Flavius Archibios from Alexandria (Egypt)
Antonianus (the silly) from Ephesos (Ionia)
Secundus from Ephesos? (Ionia)
([wrestler]) from Sparta? (Lakonia)
Titus Flavius Asklep[i... from Miletos (Ionia)
Rufus from (Egypt)
Gaius Licinius Inventus from Smyrna (Ionia)
Marcus Aurelius Antonius Lucius from Smyrna (Ionia)
Marcus Aurelius Demostratos Damas from Sardis (Lydia)
Leon son of Myonidos from Rhodes (Rhodes)
Alexandros (II) (Athenodoros) son of Alexandros from Myra (Lycia)