Person: Lucius Septimius Aurelius Marcianus from Nikomedeia (Bithynia)

Person ID: 498
Name: Lucius Septimius Aurelius Marcianus
Place of Origin: Nikomedeia (Bithynia)
Date Range: 190 to 220
List of Festivals:
Capitolia in Rome (Italy)
Isthmia in Corinth (Corinthia)
List of Events:
Capitolia in Rome (Italy) on ( 194 to 222 )
Isthmia in Corinth (Corinthia) on ( 190 to 220 )
Isthmia in Corinth (Corinthia) on ( 190 to 220 )
List of Disciplines:
___: keryxis or salpigktes
List of References:
Robert, Deux concours, 20 = OMS V, p. 661
List of Prosopographies:
Farrington (2012), no. 1.214
Strasser (2001), no. 227
Caldelli (1993), no. 57
Comment: According to Farrington (2012), this athlete was probably active between ca. 190-220. From the inscription is known that this athlete held two Isthmian victories. However it is unknown in which specific disciplines and during which specific events these victories were accomplished. According to Farrington, this athlete could have been active in Keryxis (Herald) and/or Salpinx (Trumpet), and/or Tragoidia (Drama). - YP